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Submission Procedures
Golf Courses and Commercial Turfgrass Managers
The procedures outlined below are for submission of turfgrass disease and pest samples from golf course or athletic field or from other commercially maintained turfgrass sites.

  1. Always call (877-486-6328) PRIOR TO SENDING samples. The diagnostic center relies on the expertise of a limited number of trained individuals. In the event that these individuals will be out of the office for an extended period of time, samples will not be processed. A message will be updated daily which states whether our head diagnostician will be available to receive samples.

  2. Samples should be collected using a cup cutter (4” diameter). Plugs should be taken from the active edge of a diseased area and should contain approximately 50% healthy and 50% symptomatic turf. The sample should contain no more than a 2” depth of soil.

  3. The diagnostic form should be completed in full to ensure that we have all of the available information necessary to make an accurate and rapid diagnosis.

  4. Soil should be WRAPPED in a moist paper towel and then in aluminum foil to ensure that the soil does not mix with the foliage. Properly wrapped samples should be packed tightly in a sturdy box and sealed tight to prevent loss of soil.

  5. Send NEXT DAY Delivery or HAND Deliver. Samples taking more than one day to arrive will likely be beyond the point of an accurate diagnosis. Samples arriving in poor condition will not be processed and the submitter will be asked to send a fresh sample. Samples should be sent to ARRIVE ON MONDAY thru THURSDAY to ensure proper time for incubation. Walk-ins are welcome, but always call first. We are located in the W.B. Young Building on the UConn Campus. Click here for a map of the Storrs Campus…
Sending Samples

Call (860) 486-6328

Collect Samples

Complete Diagnostic Form

Package samples

Send NEXT DAY Delivery

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