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Karl Named Teaching Fellow 

Karl Guillard has taught at UConn in one capacity or another for fifteen years, beginning as a lecturer and currently as Associate Professor of Agronomy in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. He teaches courses and mentors students on both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Karl took the initiative to develop the Turfgrass Science program in the Department of Plant Science nearly five years ago, because of student interest and a general increase in recreational turf sports. Developing two new courses and co-developing a third took much time, not least because Karl was not formally trained in this area; but he invested the time and effort to benefit the students and the department, increasing his undergraduate advising in the process. He also initiated the UConn Turf Club. Teaching courses outside of his specialty makes him a valued member of the department.

His teaching is known for its variety. Karl reinforces his lectures in many fashions, from using overheard projectors and PowerPoint presentations to bringing guest lecturers into the classroom. Guests help students to understand first-hand what their professional careers may entail. Similarly, Karl expects students, even undergraduates, to perform research tasks based on in-class lectures, allowing students the opportunity to contribute to the course while at the same time broadening their skills as well as their knowledge.

Students appreciate Karlís dedication and attention to them as individuals, even in large classes. He meets with students very often outside of office hours, and he leads field trips and extra-curricular activities which allow for more personal interaction than can be found in the traditional lecture setting. His dedication to his students pays off in the form of glowing recommendations from students to each other about his courses, as well as respect and admiration from students and colleagues.

For his innovative and energetic teaching, Karl previously received the Donald M. Kinsman Award for Excellence in CANR/RHSA Undergraduate Teaching by Junior Faculty from UConnís College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
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