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In the Field (2006)

Current "In The Field" Updates

November 17 , 2006
Plant growth has slowed to a minimum, but disease activity continues to be observed throughout the region. Microdochium patch continues to cause damage and will require control measures for several more weeks. Depending on your location in the Northeast, snow mold applications were initiated or will need to be applied in the coming weeks.

September 26, 2006
Much of the region is enjoying a shift in the weather and therefore limited disease activity. Following a weekend of wet and overcast weather, however, dollar spot activity is being observed in many locations. As we move into October, be on the lookout for Microdochium patch (aka, Fusarium patch or pink snow mold). Also, donít neglect any young perennial ryegrass seedlings as they are still susceptible to severe damage by gray leaf spot.

September 15, 2006
Dollar spot continues to be active and scarce outbreaks of brown patch (thatís right) have been observed throughout the region. Although we are past the point of concern for brown patch, dollar spot control likely will be necessary for several more weeks.

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