Graduate Degree

The Department of Plant Science offers M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs in the area of Turfgrass Science. Areas of focus within the field of turfgrass science may include integrated pest management, nutrient and water management, plant pathology, plant physiology, soil science, weed science, and others.

The M.S. program is available with either a thesis (Plan A) or non-thesis (Plan B) option, although most students are admitted under Plan A.† Students with deficiencies in their undergraduate preparation may be expected to include preparatory coursework in their plan of study.

Applicants for the Ph.D. program should have adequate training and experience to enable them to perform independent research.† Required coursework will depend on the nature of the research project and the studentís background.† A minimum of two years of full-time study beyond the masterís degree (or equivalent) is expected.†

Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact faculty directly. Faculty areas of interest can be found here.

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