Associates Degree (AAS)
Turfgrass Management is offered from the Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture as an option under the Horticulture major in the Department of Plant Science. This two-year, associate's of applied science degree program provides students an opportunity to study turfgrass management in conjunction with courses in soils, pest control, and ornamental horticulture. Adequate opportunities are provided for students to gain practical experiences from classes held at the Plant Science Teaching and Research Facility in addition to independent study and practicum projects. Internships are available and allow students an opportunity to work closely with professionals in the industry.

This program is designed to provide students an applied knowledge in turfgrass management. Students completing the program can apply their skills in the management of residential and commercial lawns, golf courses, athletic and recreational fields, parks and institutional grounds, roadsides, sod farms, inland and coastal erosion control sites, and other areas where grasses are utilized. Students completing the associate of applied science degree program of study also have the opportunity to apply the credits towards the Department of Plant Science baccalaureate degree program in Agronomy with a concentration in Turfgrass Science.

Recommended and Elective Courses

Recommended Courses:
SAPL 024: Turfgrass Management.
SAPL 019: Principles of Turfgrass Irrigation Systems.
SAPL 023: Turfgrass Pests and Control.
SAPL 083: Golf Course Management.
SAPL 084: Golf Course Design.
SAPL 098: Professional Development in the Turfgrass Industries.
SAPL 098: Athletic Field Construction and Drainage.
SAPL 022: Introduction to Soil Science.
SAPL 003: Introduction to Plant Science.
SAPL 042: Integrated Pest Management.
SAPL 086: Pesticide Safety and Management.
SAPL 045: Landscape Plant Maintenance.
SAPL 087: Internship.

Supportive and Elective Courses:
SAPL 060: Nursery Maintenance.
SAPL 062: Plant Propagation.
SAPL 066: Plant Materials, Evergreen Plants.
SAPL 067: Plant Materials, Non-Evergreen Plants.
SAPL 069: Landscape and Planting Design.
SAPL 031: Herbaceous Ornamental Plants.
SARE 060: Agribusiness Management.
SAAG 001: Introduction to Computer Use.
SARE 050: Principles of Agricultural and Resource Economics.
SAPL 099: Independent Study.

Contact Information

Individuals interested in pursuing an Associate of Applied Science degree at the Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture should contact:

Steven Rackliffe
Extension Instructor, Plant Science
1376 Storrs Road, Unit 4067
Storrs, CT 06269
(860) 486-1944

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