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  Volume 2, Issue 2
April 25 , 2008

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UConn's First Biennial Field Day Announced

Field Day

The 2008 Turfgrass Field Day at the University of Connecticut offers exciting educational opportunities for turfgrass managers of all levels. The date of the Field Day (July 22) has been selected in order to provide the best opportunity to view the research plots when they are under the greatest summer stress. Viewing the research at this time of the year will provide managers the opportunity to question the UConn turf experts on management recommendations for the remainder of the season. Cutting edge research in the areas of pest control, golf and sports turf management, lawn care and others will be presented.

In addition to seeing the latest research results, turfgrass managers can interact with exhibitors, demonstrate equipment, and discuss the latest accomplishments and challenges in the industry.

For more information on the Field Day visit www.turf.uconn.edu/fieldday08.


Registration Forms Available Online


Don't lose out on the chance to say, "I attended UConn's 1st Turfgrass Field Day." You don't want to miss this historic event at one of the country's fastest growing turfgrass program.

The registration form is now available online. Discounted registrations have been extended to members of the following associations: Connecticut Association of Golf Course Superintendents, Metropolitan Golf Course Superintendents Association, Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association, New England Regional Sports Turf Managers Association, and the Connecticut Park Association. Don't wait, register early for a discounted registration fee.

Registration is easy. Simply gather your information and choose a method to send it to us. Registration can be sent as a hardcopy, emailed, faxed, or you can call our events department and register by credit card over the phone.

For more information on the Field Day visit www.turf.uconn.edu/fieldday08.

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April 25, 2008
The conditions in the field have remained relatively dry. Recent temperatures have been excellent for growing grass, but many are already in need of rain. In terms of disease samples in our lab, we have seen several cases of Pythium root dysfunction, anthracnose and cool temperature brown patch. Control of these disease varies and recommendations can be downloaded here.

Some changes have been instituted at the Turfgrass Disease Diagnostic Center for 2008. This year, samples will be shipped to our H&G Center. Please note the new phone number and address on the diagnostic form. Always call prior to sending the sample to ensure that the diagnostician will be available. While Dr. Kaminski will handle all of the diagnoses, reports and billing will be handled by the H&G Center staff. This added assistance will allow us to provide diagnostic reports with photos of the symptoms and signs of the pathogen in an effort to document why we made the diagnosis. Beginning in mid-May, samples will also be processed for pH and soluble salts.

Visit www.turf.uconn.edu/diagnosticcenter.shtml for more information.

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UConn Field Day Website Launched
To promote and provide updated information on the UConn Field Day, The Turfgrass Team at UConn has created a website to provide all the details you will need. The website, located at www.turf.uconn.edu/fieldday08, will highlight the day's program.

The website has been designed to provide information about the Program, Registration, and Directions. We will also update the website routinely to list and thank all of our sponsors and exhibitors who will be attending the event.

If you would like to receive information about our Field Day, please submit your contact information (address, email, phone, etc.) to uconnturf@uconn.edu.

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  News From The Plant Science Research and Education Facility    

Preparation underway!
The UConn Research Facility is going at full steam to prepare the area for the First Biennial Field Day on July 22. Our new Turfgrass Technician is in the planning stages and ready for his crew of students to start for the summer. Plans for the spring include rennovation of several sites, establishment of several cultivar trials, construction of a low maintenance fine-leaf fescue putting green, and many others.


If you would like more information on the UConn Research Facility, please contact Steve Olsen, Farm Manager, at stephen.olsen@uconn.edu or any one of our turfgrass faculty.

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April 28. CAGCS Monthly Meeting, Norwich Golf Club
May 19.
CAGCS Scholarship and Research Tournament, Mill River Country Club
June 17.
CAGCS Monthly Meeting, Indian Hill Country Club
June 18. UMass Field Day, South Deerfield, MA
July 1.
CAGCS Monthly Meeting, Stanley Golf Club
July 22 . 1st UConn Turfgrass Field Day, Storrs, CT

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